Incident Details: 19700818090702001

Incident Date: August 18, 1970
Incident Successful: Yes
Location: Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Event Type: Facility/Infrastructure Attack
Weapon Type(s): Primitive/Melee (Blunt Object)
Organization Type: Rightist,

Suicide Attack: No
Hoax: No
Violent Extremism:
Doubt Terror:
Target Information
1- Business(Retail/Grocery/Bakery (including cell phone shops and generic shops))

Canadian Target: Yes
Canadian Victim:
Canadian Perpetrator:
By foreigners against foreign target(s) in Canada:

Victims: 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Perpetrators: 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Description: "08/18/1970: Progressive Books and Periodicals located at 441 Barton St. East in Hamilton Ontario were victims of bricks which were thrown through the four plate glass windows of the store. A group of youths were seen jumping out of the store after it had been wrecked, but police said that no one in the crowd outside could identify the youths. Three supporters of the Party were arrested one of which was charged with common assault, the following day after a man claimed to be threatened with a shot gun. Robert Allen Cruise, leader of the ad hoc committee won to court on charges of threatening, pointing a fire arm and illegal possession of an offensive weapon. Ronald Gregory Bastes was also arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer and obstructing police."
References: 1) RWVIC p. 41
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