Incident Details: 19730523091014001

Incident Date: May 23, 1973
Incident Successful: Yes
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Event Type: Unarmed Assault
Weapon Type(s): Primitive/Melee (Hands, Feet, Fists)
Organization Type: Rightist,

Suicide Attack: No
Hoax: No
Violent Extremism:
Doubt Terror:
Target Information
1- Private Citizens & Property(Unnamed Civilians/Unspecified)

Canadian Target: Yes
Canadian Victim:
Canadian Perpetrator:
By foreigners against foreign target(s) in Canada:

Victims: 0 fatalities, 1 injuries
Perpetrators: 1 involved, 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Description: "05/23/1973: A young lawyer was punched and kicked while his wife was spat on as a right-wing demonstrator lashed out after the opening night of the movie ""Hitler: The last ten days"" in Toronto. "
References: 1) RWVIC p. 58
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