Incident Details: 19900909019914001

Incident Date: September 09, 1990
Incident Successful:
Location: Provost, Alberta Canada
Perpetrators: Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations

Event Type: Threat
Weapon Type(s): Incendiary (Arson/Fire)
Organization Type: Supremacist,

Suicide Attack: No
Hoax: No
Violent Extremism:
Doubt Terror:
Target Information
1- Private Citizens & Property(Public Areas (e.g., Public garden, parking lot, garage, beach, public buildings, camps))

Canadian Target: Yes
Canadian Victim:
Canadian Perpetrator:
By foreigners against foreign target(s) in Canada:

Victims: 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Perpetrators: 0 fatalities, 0 injuries
Description: "09/09/1990: The Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations (“the Church”) held a rally in Provost, Alberta and displayed a KKK White Power sign, a Nazi flag and swastika, and conducted a cross-burning event.  In attendance were Terry Long, leader of the Aryan Nations in Canada, Kelly Scott Lyle, founder of Calgary’s Final Solution Skinheads, and Carney Milton Nerland, the Saskatchewan leader of the Church. Massive media attention focused on the hateful display and the Aryan Nations organization, and in December of 1990 and January of 1991, several human rights complaints were filed against the Church as well as individuals involved in the Church and its activities.  The hearing took nearly five months and the Aryan Nations decision recognized that free speech was not without reasonable limits and that human rights protection required a complete understanding of the political and social reality of vulnerable minority groups."
References: 1) "Perry, B., & Scrivens, R. (2014). Right wing extremism in Canada: An environmental scan."
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